Vardar defeated Shkupi and booked a place in the 1/4 final of the Cup

Vardar won today in the rematch against Shkupi 2:0, and with a total of 3:1 booked a place in the 1/4 final of the Macedonian Cup. Vardar dominated over the entire match, but only in the second half “broke” the resistance of the team from Cair and managed to secure a triumph with which they booked a place in the next stage of this competition.

The first half was goalless, although Vardar had three serious occasions for goal, while Shkupi only once threatened Gacevski’s goal.

The first chance of the match was for Novak who, after Felipe's cross and the scramble on the five meter line, shot only over the goal. In the 10th minute, a good chance for Vardar through Basregjan, the ball was going in the corner, but Zendeli tipped it into the corner at the last moment.

It was the 24th minute when on the other side Imeri passed several players of Vardar, he shot, but Gacevski managed to save.

For the last chance of Vardar we had to wait until the 42nd minute. Felipe crossed from the corner at the far post, Berisha tried to clear and almost scored an own goal, but the ball went near the bar into a new corner for the "red and black" during that period of the match.

At the beginning of the second half, Vardar took off very offensively in order to score the desired goal. At first, Basregjan had a chance in the 51st minute when after the pass from Maximov his shot went over the goal. In the 54th minute Nikolov tried, but the ball goes just near the goal.

Vardar took the lead in the 64th minute. Blazevski crossed from the left side to the lonely Nikolov at the far post and he managed to hit Shkupi’s goal.

Two minutes later, Stojkoski had a chance, but his attempt went near the goal.

The 2:0 lead came in the 82nd minute. Basregjan led a counterattack, and at around 20 meters from the goal, he passed to Nikolov on the left side, who passed to the lone Maximov, and the Russian managed to hit the net.

SHKUPI - VARDAR    0:2 (0:0) aggregate: 1:3

Stadium: Gjorche Petrov Skopje. Spectators: 1.000. 

Referee: Aleksndar Stavrev (Skopje). 

Scorers: 0:1 Nikolov 64', 0:2 Maksimov 82'

Yellow cards: Bajrami, Krivanjeva, Malikji, Stojkoski (S) - Todoroski, Felipe (V). 

SHKUPI: Zendeli, Malikji, Berisha, Krivanjeva, Zuka, Adem, Bajrami (69' Asani), Imeri (62' Demiri), Taipi, Stojkoski, Jasharoski. 

VARDAR: Gachevski, Todoroski (78' Demiri), Velkovski, Musliu, Novak, Gligorov, Nikolov (90' Petkovski), Felipe, Blazhevski (86' Kolevski), Barseghyan, Maksimov. 


SHKUPI                 VARDAR

3            corners              10

3/1         shots/on target  12/6

22           fouls commited    16

2             offsides              2

4              y. cards             2

0              r. cards              0

0              penalties           0

Monday, 18 December 2017