Janevski: It was not easy to play on three fronts this season

The autumn part of the season is over. Vardar is in second place with eight points behind the first position. In the Cup, the "Red-Black" booked their place in the 1/4 final, and this fall certainly will not be forgotten the performance in the group phase of the Europa League, which was the greatest success of the team in their history. The "Red-Black" in this half-season played the most matches of all. Vardarians played an amazing 12 matches in Europe, three in the Cup of Macedonia, and 18 matches in the championship, or a total of 33 matches that is a respectable figure.

How satisfied is the head coach of Vardar Chedomir Janevski from the recently finished half-season that finished with the placement in the 1/4 final of the Macedonian Cup?

"Since when I came as coach of Vardar, I think that this would be perfect half-season for me if we had another victory plus in the championship, that is, one loss less and if we were five points behind the first place. Now we are behind eight points, it's a big difference, but there are still 54 points to win in the second half of the championship. If we had one win plus, I would have been super satisfied, but I am also pleased because it was not easy to play on three fronts, and this was the first time a Macedonian team faced that challenge. We must be happy and think about the second part of the season, prepare well and attack for success both in the championship and in the Cup, "Janevski said.

What does this Vardar team need to be stronger, or where should the team be strengthened in the deadline?

"We'll sit down, we'll talk with everyone in the club and see what is needed for the second part of the season. There are some young players who are slowly coming into the first team. Throughout this autumn part, no one expected Todoroski to play so many matches, Stojcevski also had a solid minutes. We will do everything to keep the best right now, and bring really good reinforcements. I must mention that in the winter tranfer period not only for Vardar, but also for all teams is a difficult period, because at that moment, it is rare for players to have their contracts expired and be free, that is, almost all players’ contracts expire after the season. But we will see what is necessary and we will strengthen the team for the last two rounds of the championship, "Janevski said.

Wednesday, 20 December 2017