Janevski: All credits go to the players

Vardar today defeated Rabotnicki, and the head coach Cedomir Janevski sent all the congratulations to the players who in the last 26 days played their ninth match. Janevski stressed that it is very difficult to play at such a pace, but that the desire and character of the players brought this victory against the city rival.

"After each match, I congratulate the players, but I really think that it is well deserved. I also said before that it is not normal for our conditions at this moment. This is 26th day and 9th game for us. In a couple of days we will play the 10th match. That's why all the credits go to the players, who reacted as real "soldiers", and we do not have any problems in the relation professional staff - players. Every honor for them. If we had one more victory, for me it would be a perfect autumn because in Europe we played in the group stage, we won that point, although as we the matches passed, we played better and better. To train in these winter conditions another week or two more than the other teams, it is a remarkable feeling. We finished this semi-season with deficit of eight points, but there are still 54 points to play for in the second part of the season. Now we are left with the winter period first and foremost to rest, and prepare well for the second part of the season. This was a deserved victory. In the first half there was some obvious fatigue, because for the first time after a long time we did not have many rotations in the team, and it was seen that we did not start this match as we started the last two matches with Rosenborg and Academija Pandev, and the high set from Rabotnicki also did not allow us to develop our game. That's why we did not start well, although I think we were the team that showed desire. We had one shot from Felipe and two unfinished actions, and Rabotnicki did not make even one chance though we played high because we had to build the game, and the opponent only looked at how to defend. In the second half completely different picture. We were dominant, we made 2-3 "zitser" chances, we had to open the game earlier, but the persistence, character and desire on this football match demonstrated by the players showed that Vardar must believe and hope that we can win the title in the second part of the championship,"Janevski said.

Friday, 15 December 2017