Training Camp

The FC Vardar training camp of is one of the most impressive football facilities, built not only on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia and the surrounding region. Designed according to modern facilities which are under disposal of the strongest European teams, this complex provide  our first team players   with  all necessary conditions for the normal training process.

Having in use the training center which cost 4 million €, the Vardar footballers received the following benefits offered by their new professional home:

  • Two football fields, one of which is artificial and one natural base and most sophisticated drainage system, which allows top condition for the training in all weather conditions.  Both pitches are lit with spotlights, which provides the opportunity for our first team players and coaching staff to perform their daily duties in the evening.
  • 16 rooms and three suites designed for daily and quarantine residence of the players and the technical staff of the   most successful domestic club.
  • Room for theoretical and video analysis of the opponents.
  • Restaurant for footballers, and coffee shop that also can be used by visitors to the facility.
  • Medical Center
  • Spa Center
  • Rooms for individual analysis and discussions
  • Premises for professional staff
  • The facility is located in the Skopje suburb of Hippodrome on the east entrance of the city, near the complex intended to foster Equestrian sports.

Considering that the existence of adequate infrastructure is the most fundamental prerequisite for the football game FC Vardar received a modern training camp as it has long deserved. Simply, our present and future, the coaches and the footballers, right on this place will build, time and adjust  the form, which is supposed to soar Vardar to the desired heights on the international stage in European competitions.

The longtime dream of generations of Vardar fans, for ranking in the group stage of the Champions League and the Europe League, we could now rightly say, that from day to day will  start turning into reality. The first step towards a given target has been made with the implementation of the plan for the construction of the "red-black" professional training center.