Football Academy

Тhe Football academy of FC Vardar is one of the most modern sports facilities intended for work with youth categories, which are built not only on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, but in the surrounding region.

As an institution for development of young football talents, the work of the academy is organized according to the standards of the famous clubs of Europe's elite.

The Secrets of the football game under the guidance of their coaches and other professionals, will be learned by more than 400 boys, juniors of the most successful Macedonian club.

The construction of this capital facility in the city park of Skopje, covers an area of ​​1152 m2, the Vardar‘s juniors dispose with the following sports and administrative contents:

  • Football pitch with artificial grass, an area of 8700 m2 and dimensions of 130 meters in length and 65 in width. The terrain is also illuminated by spotlights to enable our juniors to train in the evening.
  • Four dressing rooms for the footballers and two dressing rooms for coaches with a surface of 50 m2, equipped with central ventilation and underfloor heating.
  • Classroom for theoretical instruction and sports education, covering 70 m2 and a capacity for 30 people.
  • Offices for administration
  • Economy Office
  • Technical and auxiliary premises

A lot of top proven footballers came from the famous Vardar Football School in the time of the history, and this is witnessed by the numerous trophies won in the junior competitions of the Macedonian and the ex-Yugoslavia scene.

Now, with the new working conditions, Vardar will be a regional leader in the creation of new football "pearls" that will successfully carry the jersey of our club and the national team of Macedonia in the coming period.

Guided by the thought that children are our greatest treasure and that the future belongs to them, investing in their football development and building of sports habits, has always been and will remain our top strategic  priority.